Sunday, 20 August 2017

Artist           : Various Artists 

Album          : 60'S American Garage Greats 
                       GMFE Compilation

Year             : 2017

Genre          :  Garage Rock

Bitrate         : 256 kpbs    


1.#38 - The Chimes
2.1523 Blair - The Outcasts
3.A man like myself - The Wild Flowers
4.A Someday Fool - M.G. & The Escorts
5.A World Outside - The Loose Enz
6.Adventure Of Love - The Turks
7.All ı want - The Colony
8.Always always - The Abstracts
9.Baby ı'm forgettin' you - The Embermen Five
10.Blow My Mind - The William Penn Fyve
11.Born in Chicago - The Canoise
12.Bring your ownself down - The Purple Gang
13.Buried and dead - The Master's Apprentice
14.By the sea - The In-Vaders
15.Catch a ride - The Grifs
16.Caught you red handed - The Jolly Green Giants
17.'Cause I Believe - Michel & The French Canadians
18.Check out - US Kids
19.Come On - The U.S. Stmps
20.Come on baby - Al's Untouchables
21.Come on back - The Nickel Bag
22.Coming to your world - The Disturbers
23.Crackin' up - The Wig
24.Deception's ice - Euphorias Id
25.Declaration Of Independence - The Count Five
26.Distortions - The Endeavors
27.Don't ask why - John Harrison & The Hustlers
28.Don't shoot me down - The Brogues
29.Don't take your love away - The Wind
30.Don't You Dare - The Impacts
31.Double Trouble - The Offbeats
32.Down the track - The Esquires
33.Escape - The What
34.Every day, every night - The Trolls
35.Every Second Of The Day - The Echoes
36.Faces - T.C.Atlantic
37.Flip me over - Sir Lawrence & The Crescents
38.Fly today - The Zero End
39.Get out of my life - The Sinders
40.Getting Mellow - The Debuts
41.Girl It's Over - The Six Deep
42.Girl said no - The What's Left
43.Glass Road - Wet Paint
44.Glimmer sunshine - Jack Bedint & The Chessmen
45.Go On Leave - Red Beard & The Pirates
46.Gonna say goodbye - The Buckinghams
47.Good good lovin'- The Just Luv
48.Gotta find somebody - The Riders Of The Mark
49.Granny goose - The Arrows
50.Hang It Out To Dry - Bud & Kathy
51.Heartaches for me - The Monacles
52.Hey everybody - The Just Us (Dave Starkey 5)
53.How Many Times - The Nomads
54.I Believed You - The Young Monkey Men
55.I can beat your drum - The Fever Tree
56.I can feel it - The Flower Power
57.I can't - The Rovin' Flames
58.I can't see you - The Starliters
59.I couldn't care less - The Run-A-Rounds
60.I wanna know - The Royal Knights
61.I want love - The Sunsets
62.I want to be your driver - The Blues Project
63.I want'a your love - Gary Ray & The Checkers
64.If You Don't Believe Me, Don't - The Psychotics
65.I'll make you pay - The Shady Daze
66.I'm leaving - The Dropouts
67.I'm Not Talkin' - The Things To Come
68.I'm not what you are - Jason Merrick & The Finders
69.Instant heartache - The Cobras
70.Iorna - Adrian Lloyd
71.It Ain't True - Faine Jade
72.It's O.K.- The Ethics
73.It''s too late - The Beaus Of Beethoven
74.I've been wrong - The Buckinghams
75.I've Got That Feeling - The(Fab)Phatons
76.I've searched - The Juveniles
77.I wanna know - The Royal Knights
78.Just Call My Name - The Kasuals
79.Keep in touch - The Canadian Rogues
80.Keep On Running,Girl - The Hackers
81.Land beyond the moon - The Motions
82.Little boy blue - Tonto & The Renegades
83.Little Boy Sad - The Story Tellers
84.Little girls cry - The Rationals
85.Livin' - The Henchmen
86.Long Long Day - The Wheel Of Fortune
87.Lost innocence - The Buddhas
88.Love's the thing - The Romancers
90.Make me some love - The Knights Bridge
91.Make you cry - The State Of Mind 
92.Missed your lovin' - The Commanches 
93.Move - The State Of Mind 
94.Movin' Out - The End
95.My Backdoor - The Mixed Emotions
96.Nothin' - The Ugly Ducklings
97.Now and then - The Stains
98.Off The Hook - The Mojo Men
99.Oh yeow - The B.C.'s
100.One Love - The Keymen
101.One night stand -The Grotesque Mommies
102.Open My Eyes - The Nazz
103.Optical sound - The Human Expression
104.Podunk holler - The Eccentrics
105.Psychotic reaction - Positively 13 O'Clock
106.Sacrifice - The Brymers
107.Say - The Henchmen
108.Scrambled eggs - The Crestones
109.Shades of blue - The Purple Haze
110.Shame - The King's Ransom
111.Shame - The Wet Paint
112.She Cools My Mind - The Streys
113.She was mine - The Beaux Jens 
114.She's gone - Corruption,İnc.
115.She's got eyes that tell lies - Him and The Others
116.She's mine - The Intruders
117.Sinners - The Sinders
118.Skin of my teeth - The Sherlocks
119.Smokestack Lightning - The Outcasts
120.So long child - Spider & The Mustangs
121.So many times - The Sweettarts
122.So mystifying - The Shape Of Things
123.Spoonful - The Counts IV
124.Square room - Them
125.Stick around - Al's Untouchables
126.Stick in my corner, baby - The Pigeons
127.T.N.T.- The Nashville Teens
128.Tell Her - The Foamy Brine
129.That lonely road - The Edges Of Wisdom
130.The alligator - The Us Four
131.The Girl With The Long Black Hair - The Other Half
132.The Great Banana Hoax - The Electric Prunes
133.The last step of doom - The Jolly Beggars
134.The Lovin' Machine - The Lovin' Machines
135.The shape of things to come - The Third Rail
136.The Third Eye - The Dovers
137.Things been bad - The Saxons
138.Things To Come - The Menn
139.Thoughts Of A Madman - The Nomads
140.Tomorrow's gonna be another day - Sir Raleigh & The Cupons 
141.Trippin' out - The Something Wild
142.True love knows - Beep Beep & The Road Runners
143.Up in my mind - The Spontaneous Generation
144.Velvet illusion - The Velvet İllusions
145.Walking the dog - The Immigrants
146.When i needed you - The Chain Reaction
147.Where is love - The Shyres
148.Whitcomb street - Sir Raleigh & The Cupons
149.Why - The Different Parts
150.Wondering - The Skeptics
151.Wondering why - The Royal Aircoach
152.Won't Come Down - Perpetual Motion Workshop
153.World full of tears - The Children Of The Night
154.You rub me the wrong way - The Road
155.You'll never know (what love is all about) - The Original Sinners
156.You're in my mind - The Graf Zeplin
157.You're my love - The Princetons
158.You're not wrong - Rocky & His Friends
159.You've been a long time comin' - The İnitial Shock
160.You've got it made - The Hi-Tensions



  1. great bands over here

    Salvage cars

  2. Ho Hoe der Clown -

    Thanks for putting this together