Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Artist            : The Ventures

Album          :  Unreleased

Year             : 2005

Genre          :  Surf, Rock & Roll

Bitrate         : 160 kpbs    


01.Stars On Guitars (early version)
03.Mr Blue (unreleased)
04.Heart And Soul (unreleased)  
05.When You Walk In The Room (Don Wilson sings)
06.Painted Lady  
07.Streets Of Tokyo 
08.Friends Across The Sea 
09.Lawrence Rides Again
10.Just Kiss And That's All  
11.Wine Cooler
12.Deep, Deep In The Water
13.Channel Surfing  
15.Coffee House Blues (studio jamming)
16.Dear Miss Lonely Hearts (acetate, with skips)  
17.Let the Four Winds Blow (backing track)  
18.Sugaree (backing track)
19.Peace Pipe - Marksmen 
20.Sunny River - Marksmen


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