Saturday, 4 March 2017

Artist           :  Ella Fitzgerald ‎

Album          :  The War Years (1941-1947)

Year             :  1994

Genre          :  Vocal Jazz

Bitrate         : 192 kpbs


1-1 Jim
1-2 This Love Of Mine
1-3 Somebody Nobody Loves
1-4 You Don't Know What Love Is
1-5 Make Love To Me
1-6 Mama, Come Home (Vocals – The Four Keys)
1-7 My Heart And I Decided  (Vocals – The Four Keys)
1-8 He's My Guy  (Vocals – The Four Keys)
1-9 Cow Cow Boogie  (Vocals – The Ink Spots)
1-10 Time Alone Will Tell
1-11 Once Too Often
1-12 Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall  (Vocals – The Ink Spots)
1-13 I'm Making Believe  (Vocals – The Ink Spots)
1-14 And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine  (Vocals – The Song Spinners)
1-15 I'm Confessin' (That I Love You) (Vocals – The Song Spinners)
1-16 I'm Beginning To See The Light (Vocals – The Ink Spots)
1-17 That's The Way It Is  (Vocals – The Ink Spots)
1-18 It's Only A Paper Moon (Take B) (Vocals –The Delta Rhythm Boys) 
1-19 Cry You Out Of My Heart  (Vocals – The Delta Rhythm Boys)
1-20 A Kiss Goodnight   
1-21 Benny's Coming Home On Saturday
2-1 Flying Home (Take B)
2-2 Stone Cold Dead In The Market
2-3 Petootie Pie
2-4 You Won't Be Satisfied (Until You Break My Heart)
2-5 The Frim Fram Sauce
2-6 I'm Just A Lucky So And So
2-7 I Didn't Mean A Word I Said
2-8 For Sentimental Reasons  (Vocals – The Delta Rhythm Boys)
2-9 It's A Pity To Say Goodnight  (Vocals – The Delta Rhythm Boys)
2-10 Guilty
2-11 Sentimental Journey
2-12 A Sunday Kind Of Love
2-13 That's My Desire
2-14 Oh, Lady Be Good
2-15 Don't You Think I Ought To Know
2-16 You're Breakin' In A New Heart
2-17 I Want To Learn About Love  (Vocals – The Day Dreamers)
2-18 That Old Feeling  (Vocals – The Day Dreamers)
2-19 My Baby Likes To Bebop (And I Like To Bebop Too)
2-20 No Sense
2-21 How High The Moon (1st Take)
2-22 How High The Moon (3rd Take)


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  1. haar, thank you for sharing all things, Ella...always great.