Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Artist            : Janıs Ian

Album          : Best Of - The Autobiography Collection

Year             : 2008

Genre          :  

Bitrate         : 320 kpbs    

Tracklist :


01. Hair Of Spun Gold
02. God & The FBI (Live)
03. Silly Habits (Live)
04. Society's Child
05. Haven't I Got Eyes
06. Jesse
07. Stars
08. Thankyous
09. This Train Still Runs (Live)
10. At Seventeen
11. Love Is Blind
12. Fly Too High
13. Arms Around My Life
14. His Hands
15. When Angels Cry


01. My Tennessee Hills
02. Every Love (Demo)
03. Some People's Lives
04. Stolen Fire
05. Days Like These
06. Tattoo (Live)
07. Through The Years
08. I Hear You Sing Again
09. Joy
10. My Autobiography
Bonus Tracks
11. Hair Of Spun Gold (Original Worktape Of Janis Ian's First Song)
12. I Long For You
13. Ginny The Flying Girl
14. Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
15. Today Your Mine
16. At Seventeen (Single Version)

GMFE Bonus Tracks:

17.The Man You Are In Me
18.Page Nine
19.Without You
20.Between The Lines
21.From Me To You
22.Bright Lights And Promises
23.In The Winter
24.Light a light
26.This Must Be Wrong


  1. Thank you for the bonus tracks.

  2. Please can you post the album Miracle Row by Janis Ian? I'm searching for it from a long, long time!! Help me if you can, my friend! Thanks a lot in advance!!

  3. Hi Andy,
    Sorry but ı haven't this album...
    But ı have found 4 songs from this album in the internet and compiled it for you..
    The link is below:
    that's all ı can do my friend..
    Have a nice weekend..