Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Artist            : Jerry Garcia  & Howard Wales

Album          : Hooteroll ?

Year             : 1970

Genre          : 
Jazz-Rock Fusion 

Bitrate         : 320 kpbs    

Tracklist :

1. Morning in Marin
2. Birg Song
3. South Side Strut
4. Up from the Desert
5. DC-502
6. One A.M. Approach
7. Uncle Martini's
8. Evening in Marin 


  1. Thanks for putting up another great one that I had ignored at first, some 40 years ago(cause i thought the cover was kind of stupid i guess back before i fully knew about not judging by covers... i was s stupid kid.... i wish kids were smarter than i was at that age we would not have elected Hitler to be president)
    This is Garcia away from the Dead, at the pinnacle of his musical power... in a high powered post bop fusion setting... quite awesome and i never knew these recordings until u uploaded it(and i dl'd)

  2. Hi ! How is life going my friend ? I hope everything is OK..Its very nice to hear from you..
    Yeah this is the fusion side of JG..Awesome album !
    Take care of yourself my friend !
    Have a nice day...