Saturday, 31 December 2016

Artist            : The Luck Of Eden Hall

Album          : The Acceleration Of Time 

Year             : 2016

Genre          :  
Crossover Progressive Rock

Bitrate         : 320 kpbs    

Tracklist :

Side One:

01. Slow 05:22
02. Blown To Kingdom Come 03:26
03. A Procession Of Marshmallow Soldiers Across The Clockwork Pudding 04:33
04. The Acceleration Of Time 04:40

Side Two:

05. Channel 50 Creature Feature 09:44
06. Arthropoda Lepidoptera 04:59
07. The Family Timekeeper 04:16
08. You Asked About Water On Mars 03:11

Side Three:

09. Only Robots Can Search The Deep Ocean Floor 05:11
10. Another High Speed Blowout 05:17
11. The Happiness Vending Machine 04:10
12. Twelve 05:11

Side Four:

13. White Caps In The Wind 08:13
14. The Saints Are Quiet Above Us 03:14
15. A Man Of Conservative Style 05:25



  1. And you REALY think that because of this text: "Files shared here from my own collection are for samplıng/prevıew purposes only
    Make sure to DELETE them within 24 hours." people will delete the files, that you 'offer' in 320kbps? If you were serious about these files only being for 'preview purposes', you should offer them at max 64kbps and max 90 seconds per song. This way you're simply STEALING music, and that from band that, like the Luck of Eden Hall, have trouble enough making money with their music (as opposed to 'big shots' like Springsteen and the like'. In other words, you are KILLING independent music, SHAME ON YOU!

    1. Marinus,
      When Bloggers began to download music files Sony coincidentally began to market blank recording media. Did they expect that people would download and not 'burn' these files? Then they lead the campaign(s) to stop people (like Haar) from sharing music files. Seems somewhat hypocritical.

      If I really like an artist that I've downloaded (for free at any 'bitrate') I'll go and buy the CD. It's good to hear them at 320 to gain a true appreciation. Low bitrates and 'samples' don't always give a valid representation.

      We're all here (on Earth) for a very short time. Don't condemn or shame someone for sharing music that otherwise some of us would never hear.

      You seem like an unpleasant person with an axe to grind. Perhaps it's just that you had a bad 2016. Here's hoping you have a better 2017.

  2. Sharing music is the best way to know what a musician is doing. Selling records is a business, not a way to extend artistic works.
    What are you trying to protect, music or music business?

  3. Marinus takes an extreme view here. It could be equally argued that through publishing the music the artist becomes more well known and reaches more 'consumers'
    Furthermore, if you steal from me I no longer have what you have taken. This is clearly not true in this case.
    Many artists encourage sharing their music and don't appear to suffer (Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, etc, etc.) I'm convinced if a struggling artist wants to reach an audience, then blogs spread the word on a global level.
    If someone is only interested in making money, then they may feel cheated, but that feeling comes from their own avarice rather than any basis in fact.
    Surely, people make music to be heard, and, rather than killing independant music, you help to spread it to a (much)wider audience.
    If you aren't comfortable posting music then don't. But don't stop because of arguments as presented by Marinus, I think he's wrong.
    I hope the blog continues, but in any case a Happy New Year to you.

  4. The music does't belong to anyone, belongs to the people and the bands they can make live to get money from their music.I think the blogs makes the bands known to the world.So you must continue your nice blog and don't listen to this comments...

    Happy New Year

  5. Mr. Marino
    You did not understand, that these and other blogs when they make available these discs are divulging these musicians. For example many of my songs are acquired from these posts released by those who love music, without any profit or financial advantage.

  6. I Disagree Its Not Stealing Its Sharing To Make Sure People Will Know The Artist And Will Buy Their Products. Haar Sharing I Wouldnt Know About Your Excistens. Be Happy That He Made Taht You Will Be Knowing For A Larger Audience. Greetings

  7. This is a good and worthwhile blog. I have found much music that I never would have found without it. I have bought some and not others. I have a limited income and would not have purchased any more with or without it. Thanks for your effort.

  8. Hey there, I don't think that you're killing music. I bought lots of CDs and went to live shows because of blogs like yours. I'd never buy a CD or go to a live show without knowing the music. Blogs like yours make it possible not to buy a pig in a poke. Keep on keepin' on and don't let one single opinion have an influence on your decisions! Greetings from Hamburg.

  9. Music blogs are necessary to expand the fame of all bands, and some (many ?) of these bands quickly understood that point (Brian Jonestown Massacre even used to send their music on the Internet for free, and others still do this). When you attack music blogs you prevent bands from getting the audience they feel they deserve as they cannot be heard on the radio or advertised for free for concerts ? No theft here, just information and pleasure. Please forget this stupidity known as copyrights or whatever it's called by corporate crooks !

  10. The irony of the criticism that started this comment thread is that the person attacking you does no actually appear to officially represent the artist in question. But even more ironic is that he attacks a community that likely spends more money on music, through CD/download sales and live performance tickets, than the general population. In other words, the focus of criticism is directed a the core fans that are responsible for the major source of income in the first place.

    I can't speak for everyone, but I would never find this band without blogs like this one living in South Carolina, USA.

    And when I download music that I like, I go and search out their catalog, and make my way to their live performances (while supporting the venue by purchasing more than my share of refreshments!)

    Additionally, it has become quite common for bands who were posted to join the community, give additional insight into their creative vision, and give thanks for the opportunity to be heard.

  11. The music industry is expanding not declining. The argument presented is based on the old mentality that we have to purchase music from a store (web or physical). The method listeners procure their music is changing. At one time, the radio was our only method of hearing new music. Now we turn to the internet. The internet offers a variety of sites to help us find new music, one of which are blogs. This blog is one of thousands and is one of the better ones. It is active with a wide variety exposing us to bands we've never heard of. The people who download music from a blog are music lovers, not just your average listener. If this blog closes, these people will just find another one, and we will lose out on this blog owner's music. That would be a shame.

  12. Please keep sharing, I love this blog immensely. I hear about the bands here, and if I like, I often purchase the cd/albums. Thanks!

  13. Simply put, Marinus is an idiot.

  14. Haar...You ae doing a great job sharing music which comes from the ether and belongs to everyone ...only a profiteering breadhead would accuse you of such a crime...please ignore and carry on !!!

  15. are doing a great job sharing music which comes from the ether and belongs to the people which like it...ignore these comments from the breadhead ...carry on sharing the great deserve praise not jealous critisism

  16. He That Is Without Sin Among You, Let Him First Cast a Stone

    John 8:7

    Please keep your wondeful blog going!
    Greetz from Germany :)

  17. I'm a bit suspicious of this comments thread. Comments are moderated and only positive comments appear to be published. Music is work as well as art. If you want people to listen to the music just post a couple of tracks or code the album at a very low bit rate.

  18. Take no notice my fiend. The guys a jerk! I still buy CDs and very much into vinyl again nowadays. Carry on with your great blog and have a fantastic 2017


  19. I think perhaps the person who stated uou were stealing the music comes from an elitist attitude- I have this cool music that most people will never know. Personally, I own thousands of cds, a good part of which I purchased after discovering them on the internet. And I do attend the occasional show of these artists when they play in the vicinity. I agree, lack of exposure would have diminished returns, at least as far as my personal experience.

  20. There is no doubt,in my opinion,that people who like myself use yours' and many other blogs to download and keep music are perhaps guilty of theft. I make no excuses for myself or others doing so. However I don't feel that you are responsible for any crime other than 'dangling the carrot' and like many have said already, they would never have heard of many of these Artists were it not for yourself and fellow bloggers.

  21. Thieves have always been record companies.

  22. Any one that thinks artists can make money simply from the sales of their recordings is living in the past. That was a tiny window of opportunity that was closed by the recording companies years ago. Artists make money by touring and performing.Fans have loyally purchased albums but it was the recording companies that bled their acts dry, not the fans. Keep sharing, it keeps the music alive.

  23. I think if someone from a band requests that you not post their music, you honor that request. I was just on Sid Griffith's (Long Ryders) site, and he has a recent show that you can download for free.He knows it increases the fan base. Keep on doing what you are doing, and react only to a specific complaint. In this case I would take down the Luck Of Eden Hall, and not post anything by them.

    Bob W.

  24. Why was this person browsing this blog? Couldn`t find anything that suited him, so decided to put on the "holier than thou" attitude. Springsteen will always sell more than Edens Hall simply because Springsteen is "known". If not for this blog I would not have known about this band. I seriously doubt that Marinus has heard of this band or bought any of their music to support them.

  25. I bought more than 20 000 CDs and before more than 15 000 vinyls. So I'm very free to download, for discovering purpose, some music on music blogroll. I think I paid already enough to music industry and artists. Shame is an unacceptable word Mr Marinus Beers. To support artists, I am a regular participant to concert, the only good way to support artists instead of this music industry. Happy new yera

  26. Anyone, who is anyone, especially a music fanatic, relies on the word of mouth to steer us into the direction of what's cool (and what's not). Whether it be an older brother, or a best friend and even the like-minded folk that also dig music, we rely on others ears to do some of the homework. Was making mix-tapes against the law?? Most of this music we love is hardly ever put on the radio for the world to easily access. And, if it was, sometimes it loses its impact. Keep on doing what you do, please. If it really harms the artist...they can let you know. The rest of us will cherish the opportunity to expand our palettes, and, in turn, tell the others who will explore back catalogs and live shows at our hopefully end up into the bands pockets. If somehow it doesn't, then its not your fault, nor mine. Record companies are mostly the deal with the devil that Robert Johnson made. Lord knows,crappy pop music "stars" made some deal like that, and Brother...I don't see any of their so called "music" on this (or any of my other favorites) site. Thanks for the chance to rant! Happy New Year!!

  27. If anyone or anything is "stealing" music it's the record companies! Sharing their music helps to promote and introduce the artists to a wider audience! Great Blog!! Please don't close!!

  28. Vielen Dank, lieber HAAR, für Deine Bemuehungen mit diesem blog. Wo koennen wir sonst so viel musikalisches erleben? Die wunderbaren Erinnerungen die Du damit ins Leben bringst sind sehr willkommen. Es ist leicht zu kritisieren weil es nichts Positives erfordert. Lass nicht Marinus der Grund sein fuer die Verschlagung unserer wunderbaren Gemeinschaft hier. Lass ihn nicht unseren guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr verwoehnen. Ich wuensche Dir alles, alles Gute fuer 2017. Und ich hoffe Deine Musik Auswahl für eine lange Zeit zu hoeren.

  29. I only know of one band that resents sharing like this. Other bands understand that sharing gets their product into more hands, and this generates interest and expansion of their expression. This translates to purchases of their music. OF course there are a few who will selfishly NOT purchase, and continue to listen. But these are in the minority and could just as well be recording the music off the radio. No?

  30. An artist is writing2 January 2017 at 04:18

    The best way to support artists is to go to their concerts. Artists earn only less money by selling CDs (if their name is not Phil Collins), but they have a regular income by playing live gigs. Your blog is helping to keep the little flame called music alive. All your visitors are music lovers who will support artists in different ways. For me the best is: go to the shows!!!

  31. Happy new year HAAR ! Thank you for your effort ! Marius is not an interesting person ! His arguments are really exaggerated! You made me discover new bands and I bought some CD's. I hope you continue your sharing... Bonne année de France. Gérard

  32. "Music is everybody's possession. It's only publishers who think that people own it." John Lennon

  33. I have bought many CDs after downloading and trying them from this site = please carry on your good work

  34. Hi, I just recently found this great, GREAT blog. I live in south America in Peru and many of the music you blog is impossible to find in my country.

    I think you are not a thief; you (and so many wonderful people around the world) are lovers and "sharers" of good music.

    So, keep going, the only who is worried on sharing music is the industry, the real thieves!!!

    Please do not close the blog and if someone believed offended, change the channel and if needed erase the post.

    Happy New Year from Peru!!!


  35. La música es cultura y tu contribuyes a la difusión de la música.Muchos de los que aquí escribimos tenemos gran cantidad de cds, vinilos, ... y en algún momento también intentamos compartirlos con otros aficionados a la música. Pero caímos con las zancadillas que nos ponían. Animo y continua con tu buena labor. Saludos.

  36. Hi everybody !

    I thank all of you for your supports..
    Your comments clearly show, 90 percent of the blog followers believes that music blogs like GMFE are not music thieves..
    We are not stealing music..we are sharing music for the people..
    GMFE always supports independent musicians who want to promote their own music on the blog..
    Artists can not earn money from the sale of their albums anymore..They earn money by touring and performing..
    Albums have become a means to promote musicians only..
    People do not want to buy cds/albums without knowing any idea about the musics of the artists..
    And people are discovering musicians they do not recognize before through music blogs like GMFE..
    And ıf they like their musics they purchase their cds/albums and atttend concerts..
    A final word: I will carry on to bring you good musics from earth..
    I thank all of you once again for your supports..
    I wish all of you a happy new year and all your dreams come true !