Friday, 11 November 2016


Artist           :  Leonard Cohen   

Album          : Opus Collection 

Year             : 2015

Genre          : Folk Rock, Blues, Country

Bitrate         : 320 kpbs    



1-1 Dance Me To The End Of Love (Live)
1-2 I’m Your Man
1-3 Suzanne
1-4 Famous Blue Raincoat
1-5 Anthem
1-6 Hallelujah
1-7 Darkness
1-8 Never Any Good
1-9 Everybody Knows
1-10 In My Secret Life


2-1 Going Home
2-2 Tower Of Song
2-3 The Future
2-4 If It Be Your Will
2-5 So Long, Marianne
2-6 On That Day
2-7 Take This Waltz
2-8 Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
2-9 Closing Time
2-10 Lullaby



  1. Another great musician has passed away...
    But he will be with us forever with his immortal songs..
    Thank you for the wonderful music you gave us....r.ı.p.

  2. What a great artist. I saw him twice, in 1976 at Karlsruhe in Germany and in 2006 in Paris at the olympia. Only a huge pleasure to hear so beautiful and melancoly songs. A lot of tears this morning. I will remember Leoanard for ever and thanks so much to him

  3. I saw an article in today's Google News talking about song 'Halleluya' and figured that was all it was about so i didnt read it.... Thanks for making it obvious for me. Poor guy went out as America's Hitler(Trump) just got elected. I heard Mr. Cohen was also a Budhist monk (in addition to his being a great example of exemplary musician/poet of the Jewish race.)... in my opinion at least as worthy of Nobel prize in literature as Bob Dylan (who I still claim stole his act from Woody Guthrie... though Dylan is also a great and as can be seen from the recent election America needs all the protest musicians against the rise of Fascism in America that we can have, as was Woody Guthrie and Dylan who followed from Guthrie's lead)
    RIP Leonard Cohen with all your wit and grace.

  4. Life shows even the great men aren't immortal. Thanks Haar for this music and for the great poet he was. (from MA696)

  5. today is the 1st of me hearing of his passing. I remember the song Suzzanne was what brought him to my attention in 1968.

  6. As we pass from this life, we leave reassures to others and Lenard left a treasure to my ears. I'll miss his poetry and music as will many others. RIP Lenard.

  7. A sad day of losing a great artist. Thanks for the album below this entry ( You Like it black album)

  8. I was able to see him in concert and I also have seen Donovan in concert. Both great artists and the music was very pleasant

    1. I seen Donovan too. Ys they Both are great. Donovan was on stage all by himself and would give little stories of how the song came about. Very good

  9. He will be missed