Monday, 14 November 2016

Artist            :Leon Russell 

Album          : The Best of Leon Russell 

Year             : 2011

Genre          : Blues Rock,Folk Rock,Country Rock

Bitrate         : 320 kpbs   

Tracklist      :

01 – Tryin’ To Stay Live
02 – Shoot Out On The Plantation
03 – If It Wasn’t For Bad (with Elton John)
04 – A Song For You
05 – Hummingbird
06 – Tight Rope
07 – Delta Lady
08 – Stranger In A Strange Land
09 – It’s A Hard Rain’s A Gonna Fall
10 – This Masquerade
11 – Out In The Woods
12 – If I Were A Carpenter
13 – Heartbreak Hotel (with Willie Nelson)
14 – Lady Blue
15 – Back To The Island
16 – Jumpin Jack FlashYoungblood



  1. The second big loss in a week...
    First Leonard Cohen then Leon Russell..
    What a strange coincidence that the first five letters of both names are the same..
    I began to afraid to look at the news in the mornings..
    Who will be the next ? Ofcourse, God knows it...
    But you know, they will live to the end of time with the wonderful songs they give us.
    They will always be with us..r.ı.p. leon..

  2. I am Very sad that another Great musician has left us, As I am from the same generation I can only say that I feel privileged to have lived through the greatest period for music ever & we will never see its like again, But what a wonderful musical legacy these artists have give us. R.I.P Leon & Leonard & Thank You for the music.


  3. And yet, another great musician has passed on.He kind of faded outbut Elton John whos was greatly influenced by Leon, brought him back in circulation for awhile.
    R.I.P. Leon

  4. haar, many thanks for all things Leon Russell.

    R.I.P. Leon Russell.

  5. yet another is gone. Sad, the rolling stones are getting up there in age too. Charlie watts looks mortified already