Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Artist            :Janis Joplin 

Album          : Love, Janis

Year             : 2007

Genre          : Blues Rock

Bitrate         : 128 kpbs   

Tracklist      :

  1. What Good Can Drinkin' Do
  2. "I bring the news"
  3. Down On Me - Big Brother & The Holding Company feat. Janis Joplin
  4. "I'm somebody important"
  5. Women Is Losers - Big Brother & The Holding Company feat. Janis Joplin
  6. "Our first record is finally out"
  7. Piece of My Heart - Big Brother & The Holding Company feat. Janis Joplin
  8. "I'm Sorry, Sorry"
  9. "A Happening"
  10. Summertime - Big Brother & The Holding Company
  11. "He's a Beatle, Mother"
  12. Ball and Chain - Big Brother & The Holding Company
  13. "I may just be a star someday"
  14. A Woman Left Lonely
  15. "Twenty-Five"
  16. Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)
  17. "Did I tell you about my reviews?"
  18. Little Girl Blue
  19. "Twenty-Seven"
  20. Me and Bobby McGee
  21. Mercedes Benz
  22. The Last Letter: "Really Rushin' Through"
  23. Get It While You Can



  1. I thought I was a musician but for a few years now I am spending most my time downloading music.
    So thanks for your input dude, I first came across ur site about 9 months ago and took a few days and looked through every page downloading about 1/4 of what u had-(my DL speed is not that fast but fast enough aka DSL) ( I either had or was not interested in the other stuff u uploaded but 1/4 is a high percent) then i just was coming back about once a week to see the new stuff and get some more... YOUR EFFORT HAS BEEN PRETTY AMAZING. Maybe some day I will try out what you just did... non-profit sharing to the MAX... It is so much less scary and more educational to pick up music this way then "torrents" ... but lets not get into how effed up hackers have made this new internet sharing world.
    So thanks Haar.
    Now to talk about this Janis Joplin record u got here!!!
    I just DL'd it and thought i would check a song or two out since I have loved Janis since she was alive(approximately, so long ago i might not have heard her till shortly after she passed)
    So I started listening, HAVE U LISTENED TO THIS ONE!!!!? -at first it was making me scream and jump up and down... I have probably heard every song recording on some other album... BUT THERE IS AN INTRO TO EACH SONG THAT AT FIRST FOR LIKE TEN MINUTES I THOUGHT WAS ACTUALLY JANIS HERSELF NARRATING... I now realize it is some kind of actress imitating Janis's voice, BUT SHE IS SO REALISTIC- she is reading some biography -in Janis's own words- and it sounds just like her.... heck I am still not sure it is not Janis (but it could not be Janis reading these excerpts of her life in the form of letters to her parents... certainly I would have heard of this before) STILL IT IS AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE AND I HAVE BEEN LISTENING FOR ABOUT A HALF HOUR NOW... its bringing tears to my eyes.

    1. Hş Santos,
      Nice to hear you again,
      Thank you for your kind comment..
      Love, Janis is a collection, released in 2001, of Janis Joplin's performances interspersed with readings of her personal letters to her family throughout her career. It is a companion to the Off-Broadway musical of the same title (conceived, adapted and directed by Randal Myler) and the book by Joplin's sister Laura.
      The text of Joplin's letters are read by Catherine Curtin who was the on-stage reader Janis in the 2001 Off-Broadway version of the musical. The music on the album is the original songs sung by Joplin and the various bands she was a part of.
      Take care of yourself my friend..

  2. By the way after reading where this "Love, Janis" came from, it reminds me of the movie I just saw a couple days ago (rented the DVD) called: 'Miles Ahead' produced by(and starring) Don Cheadle. No one really knows what that 5 year period of Miles locked in his NY apartment doing cocaine was like. I have heard interviews talking about his hallucinations of jamming again with Charlie Parker's ghost.... things like that....
    The Don Cheadle movie covers alot of bio of Miles as he recalls the events of his history. But the part Cheadle made up is supposed to be in the present (being the year in 1979 or 1980) before Miles returned to social interaction and recording again. It is kind of a fun made up story but I never really beleived what was supposed to be that 5 year period where Miles was out of contact with the world... still it is a kind of fun movie and also gets into some of the noted events of Miles being beaten by NY police for nothing but racist police satisfaction.... and concentrates on his love for his first wife Frances Taylor Davis. (I was expecting to see some of the Betty Davis story and there is none there.)

    1. Hi again my friend,

      After ı read your comment,I watched the official trailer of the movie, an interesting story..I love Miles Davis's music..