Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Artist            :Savoy Brown Featuring Kim Simmonds ‎

Album          : You Should Have Been There!

Year             : 2005

Genre          : Blues Rock

Bitrate         : 192 kpbs   

Tracklist      :

1.When It Rains 2:57
2.Where Has Your Heart Gone 11:30
3.Poor Girl 11:24
4.Blues Like Midnight 9:54
5.Street Corner Talking 12:34
6.Hellbound Train 10:58



  1. All I can say is Damn!
    "Your good friend Mr. Brown"
    Kim is a time master in the tradition of the greatest of the sorcerers. Hendrix said it like this, "That slowed down speeded up sound that cuts so deep."

    It sounds like it is also Kim doing all the singing on this one, which alone is a great and rare thing because he really cuts loose on guitar when he sings too.
    Kim has many truly great records out (and a few mediocre ones) but this one ranks as among his very greatest... AND I DID NOT KNOW IT EXISTED TILL U PUT IT UP... thanks

    1. Hi Santos !
      I love Savoy Brown and Kim's guitar playing..
      and this is a really good album..
      Enjoy the msic ! my friend..

  2. ooops
    Burton Gaar (vocals)
    ... though for some reason i think Kim's voice sounds like his...