Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Artist            : Michael Franks With Crossfire 

Album          :  Live

Year             : 1980

Genre          :  Smooth Jazz,Ballad

Bitrate         : 320 kpbs    


01.  Don't Be Blue (3:38)
02.  When The Cookie Jar Is Empty (6:29)
03.  The Lady Wants To Know (6:02)
04.  B'wana He No Home (4:57)
05.  Chain Reaction (4:25)
06.  Antonio's Song (4:42)
07.  Monkey See-monkey Do (6:14)
08.  Popsicle Toes (4:55)


  1. I was at the Wellington New Zealand concert of this tour. Not something I'd usually go to however a close friend worked for the NZ tour promoter so I was able to get in for free.

    Crossfire played by themselves for the first half (backing Michael for the second) so were able to stretch with extended improvisations. I recall the sax player as outstanding.

    What has soured somewhat my positive thoughts of Crossfire's playing (and they were very good) is that my friend told me the vibraphone that was hired for the NZ tour (seen on the cover photo) was never returned and the promoter had to pay for its replacement.


  2. Hi Peter,
    Thank you for the informations you shared..
    Have a nice day and take care of yourself my friend !