Sunday, 21 August 2016

Artist            : Dave Pegg 

Album          :  A Box of Pegg’s 

Year             : 2007

Genre          :  Folk,Folk Rock

Bitrate         : 320 kpbs    


1-1–Dave Pegg - Level Pegging
1-2–Dave Pegg, PJ Wright - Donegan's Gone 
1-3–Fairport Convention - Life's A Long Song 
1-4–Crawdaddies - Moaning
1-5–Dave And The Emeralds - Don't Tell Them 
1-6–The Ugly's - End Of The Season 
1-7–The Exception - Garbadine Saturday Night Street
-8–Dave Peace Quartet - Losers Blues 
1-9–Leesiders - I'll Tell Me Ma (Belle Of Belfast City)
1-10–Don Bilston - The Fireman's Song
1-11–The Ian Campbell Folk Group - Private Harold Harris 1-12–Fairport Convention - Walk Awhile
1-13–Fairport Convention - Cropredy Capers 
1-14–Steve Ashley - Once In A While
1-15–Dave Pegg - Lord Mayo
1-16–Fairport Convention - Adieu Adieu
1-17–Jethro Tull - Under Wraps
1-18–Dave Pegg - Barnes Morris
1-19–The GP's - Together Again
1-20–The Ian Campbell Folk Group - Cho Cho Losa 
1-21–Mick Bullard - The Weight
1-22–Fairport Convention - Woodworm Swing
1-23–Fairport Convention - The Crowd
1-24–The Dylan Project - From A Buick 6
1-25–Dave Pegg, PJ Wright - Linseed Memories
2-1–Dave Pegg - The Journeyman
2-2–Richard Thompson - Let It Blow
2-3–Mike Heron - Lady Wonder
2-4–Steve Ashley - Family Love
2-5–Ralph McTell - Pykey Boy
2-6–Chris Leslie - Lumps Of Plum Pudding
2-7–Dan Ar Braz - Les Forces Du Mal
2-8–Steve Tilston - Here Comes The Night
2-9–Bob Fox - Rambling Rover
2-10–Anna Ryder -Dance With Me
2-11–Beryl Marriott - Searching For Lambs
2-12–Murray Head - A Tree
2-13–Nick Drake - Hazey Jane I
2:14–John Martyn - Dancing
2:15–Dave Pegg - All The Dance Numbers
2-16–Marc Ellington - Song For A Friend
2-17–Sandy Denny - Full Moon
2-18–Julianne Regan - Who Knows Where The Time Goes 2-19–Beth Nielsen Chapman - Solo
3-1–Dave Pegg - Jack Frost & The Hooded Crow
3-2–Ian Anderson, Fairport Convention - Serenade To A Cuckoo
3-3–Ian Anderson, Fairport Convention - John Barleycorn
3-4–Jethro Tull - Peggy's Pub 
3-5–Fairport Convention - Closing Time 
3-6–Fairport Convention - Flatback Caper 
3-7–Jethro Tull - I Am Your Gun
3-8–Fairport Convention - Pick Me Up
3-9–Jethro Tull, Jethro Tull-Port Convention - Hunting Girl 3-10–Fairport Convention - Sloth
3-11–Fairport Convention - Dirty Linen
3-12–Simon Nicol - Before Your Time/Merry Sheerwood Rangers
3-13–The Dylan Project - She's Your Lover Now
3-14–Dan Ar Braz - Rising For The Moon
3-15–Jacqui McShee, Dan Ar Braz, F.Convention - Morgane
4-1–Dave Pegg - The Cocktail Cowboy
4-2–Fairport Convention - Jams O'Donnells Jigs
4-3–Fairport Convention - Angel Delight
4-4–Fairport Convention - Hungarian Rhapsody
4-5–Fairport Convention - The Time Is Near
4-6–Fairport Convention - Dream Song
4-7–Fairport Convention - Wake Up John/Hanging Song
4-8–Dave Pegg, PJ Wright - Bankrupted
4-9–Dave Pegg - Song For Sandy
4-10–Fairport Convention - Instrumental Medley '85
4-11–Fairport Convention - Aunt Sally Shuffle
4-12–Fairport Convention - Eynsham Poacher
4-13–Fairport Convention - Polly On The Shore
4-14–Fairport Convention - When First To This Country
4-15–Dave Pegg - Carolan's Draught
4-16–Fairport Convention - Dark Eyed Molly
4-17–Dave Pegg - Pipe Major Jock Laidlaw's Fancy
4-18–Dave Pegg - The Swirling Pit
4-19–Fairport Convention - Matthew Mark Luke And John
4-20–The Ian Campbell Folk Group - Tail Toddle/Instrumental Medley
4-21–Jethro Tull - Intro + Jams O'Donnells Jigs
4-22–Fairport Convention - Level pegging


  1. Wonderful box set. Many thanks for posting! Best wishes, Paul

    1. Thank you my friend..
      Enjoy the music !
      Have a nice day...