Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Artist           :  Fatal Fusion 

Album          :  The Ancient Tale

Year             : 2013

Genre          :  Symphonic Rock

Bitrate         : 320 kpbs


 1. One End More - Phil's Little Dance - World's Of Zin  10:22
 2. Lady and Friend  3:44
 3. Notwithstanding  4:47
 4. Arriving Twice 1:37
 5. Island of Rhodes - Paper Boat - As If Your Eyes Were
     Open 6:41

 6. For Absent Friends 1:13
 7. We Are All - Someone Else's Food - Jamo And Other
     Boating Disasters 7:49

 8. Just C   0:45



  1. Dear Haar,
    Thanks you to discover these great bands.
    To improve the blog, if you agree, you can add the nationality alongside the artist's name.
    Charlie, France

  2. Hi Charlie !
    Thank you for your suggestion and kind comment..
    According to my philosophy of life,we are all one..
    Black or white,muslim or christian or any other religions or atheistic..
    and ı believe,sooner or later,one day,the world wıll be as one..(as lennon said)
    we belong to mother earth..
    We are just earthling !
    So ı do not want to seperate the musicians according to their nationalities in the home page..
    But ı will add the nationalities in the zippy files as extra information..
    Have a nice day my friend !

  3. I agree with you dear Haar.
    Thank you again, have a nice day.
    Charlie, France