Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Artist           :  Billie Holiday

Album          : The Complete 1951 Storyville Club Sessıons

Year             : 1991

Genre          :  Vocal Jazz,Swing

Bitrate         : 320 kpbs


01 - You're Driving Me Crazy
02 - Lover Come Back To Me
03 - Ain't Nobody's Bizz-ness If I Do
04 - He's Funny That Way
05 - Billie's Blues
06 - Miss Brown To You
07 - Detour Ahead
08 - Strange Fruit
09 - Ain't Nobody's Bizz-ness If I Do
10 - All Of Me
11 - I Love You, Porgy
12 - Miss Brown To You
13 - Billie's Blues
14 - Lover Man
15 - Them There Eyes
16 - My Man
17 - I Cover The Waterfront
18 - Crazy He Calls Me
19 - Lover Come Back To Me



  1. Thank you, Haar.

  2. Dude, this one is a LOST TREASURE... It sounds like a bootleg, the voice is mixed so loud that you can barely hear the piano drums and bass(Stan Getz sax is barely audible)
    But that is all right because Billie is in fine form. SHE IS DRUNK OFF HER ASS BUT SINGING LIKE THE DRUNKEN QUEEN OF JAZZ SHE WAS, her voice is still good not kind of dead like the performances i have heard in her last year or two. The songs exude the pain she has known, but she is singing like a tough killer of voice, like Charlie Parker was able to do towards the end of his days.

    THIS RECORD IS NOT ADVISED FOR SOMEONE WHO IS NOT ALREADY MADLY IN LOVE WITH BILLIE.... but it is extremely fulfilling if you already love Billie and can feel her pain when she sings...