Saturday, 25 June 2016

Artist           :  Sandy Denny 

Album          :  Gold Dust - Live At The Royalty

Year             : 1998

Genre          :  Folk Rock 

Bitrate         : 320 kpbs    


01. I Wish I Was A Fool For You (For Shame Of Doing Wrong)
02. Stranger To Himself
03. I'm A Dreamer
04. Take Me Away
05. Nothing More
06. The Sea
07. The Lady
08. Gold Dust
09. Solo
10. John The Gun
11. It'll Take A Long Time
12. Wretched Wilbur
13. Tomorrow Is A Long Time
14. The North Star Grassman
15. One More Chance
16. No More Sad Refrains
17. Who Knows Where The Time Goes



  1. Many thanks for this and so many other posts. I really enjoy your eclectic taste and curation of this blog. Having filled three external hard drives with music, I stayed away for awhile but acquired a fourth external drive and can again visit and enjoy what you post. Again, thanks.

    1. Hello my friend !
      it's very nice to hear you again..
      thanks for your kind comment..
      have a nice weekend..
      Greetings from Istanbul...

  2. So much pleasure from Sandy Denny, thank you very much for providing it, much appreciated.