Friday, 4 March 2016

Artist           :  East Of Eden  

Album          : New Leaf

Year             :1971

Genre          : Progressive Rock  

Bitrate         : 320 kpbs    


Original Album:

1.Bradshaw The Bison Hunter
2.Ain't Gonna Do You No Harm
3.Get Happy
4.Don't Be Afraid
5.Man Said
6.Song For No One
8.Nothin' To Do
9.Road Song
10.Home Blues

CD Bonus Tracks:

11.Jig A Jig
12.Boogie Woogie Flu
13.Last Dance Of The Cloun
14.Sin City Girls
15.All Our Yesterdays



  1. Hola. Soy yo de nuevo. La verdar este disco no le escuche, pero creo que en un blog (hace tiempo tuve uno) la comunicación es imprescindible. Si te molestan mis comentarios dimelo y terminarán de inmediato. Bueno cambié de servidor y te mendo un gran disco. Saludos.

    1. ı have downloaded the file right now and it is working well ,my friend..
      Ofcourse you can write me if there is a problem on the links or about any matter..
      I will be glad ıf my friends try to get in contact with me
      Have a nice weekend my friend..