Friday, 25 March 2016

Artist           : Blodwyn Pig  

Album          : The Basement Tapes

Year             :2000

Genre          : Blues Rock

Bitrate         : 320 kpbs    


1.The Modern Alchemist 4:49
2.Mr. Green's Blues 3:49
3.It's Only Love 3:31
4.See My Way 5:56
5.Blues Of A Dunstable Truck Driving Man 2:47
6.Baby Girl 3:53
7.The Leaving Song 4:53
8.I Know 8:54
9.It's Only Love 3:16
10.See My Way 6:35
11.Blues Of A Dunstable Truck Driving Man 2:10
12.Hound Dog 2:20
13.Drive Me 2:43



  1. Hello Haar,

    I've downloaded this one, thanks for that. Having read your profile I sure understand that lack of comments is frustrating, so this one might slightly "compensate", at least i hope so.
    Thanks and regards

    From France (65 yo and rocking)

  2. yeah you are right my friend
    lack of comments is frustrating .
    .ı just want to know more about the blog visitors..
    so,thank you for your kind comment..
    take good care of yourself and keep on rockin ' my friend
    have a nice weekend..

  3. I forgot to tell you that the assortment offered on your blog is remarkable, very eclectic, and the pictures are tasteful.
    Thanks for that too !

  4. Thanks for this. Truly underrated band. One of the best quotes about this band comes from The Laughing Dogs song "I Need A Million" from the "Live At C.B.G.'S"

  5. Forgot to add I love your blog. Great stuff here

  6. Hi Jobe,you can find another Blodwyn Pig album "Ahead Rings Out" in the posts dated 28.3.2015
    Have a nice weekend !

  7. Hi Haar,
    my ears opened my mind for BP listening to the unfogettable "Dear Jill" on the radio - one of my absolutely best blues tracks I know - long time ago, and so I'm glad to find some other tracks here on your blog, thank's a lot!