Friday, 10 April 2015

Artist           :  Traffic 

Album          :  Shoot Out At The Fantasy Factory

Year             : 1973

Genre          :  Prog Rock, Psychedelic Rock 

Bitrate         : 197 kpbs    


A1.Shoot Out At The Fantasy Factory 6:04
A2.Roll Right Stones 13:40
B1.Evening Blue 5:00
B2.Tragic Magic 4:07
B3.(Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired 10:01



  1. Hello. It's a coincidence. Yesterday I watched a documentary called MUSCLE SHOALS about the music label with the same name in Alabama. Traffic recorded this album there together with the musicians from the house. You know that times the labels used to have their ownn musicians. Aparently it was the first time this musicians toured with the groups that came to record. Well it's a nice story. I recomend it to know the rest of the story. Salutations.
    There's two records i'm highly missing from a group that I addore. They are the Status Quo and the records are Dog of two Head and Ma Kelly's greasy spoon. I'm not sure if they are on your discography but maybe you surprise me.
    Good nite and rock on.

    1. ı love the documentaries and movies about music/musicians.ı highly recommend you a movie called"The Boat That Rocked " about a pirate radio station in the North Sea in the is the link: ..ok.well,ı posted quo's ma kelly today and tomorrow you'll get dog of two head..take care of yourself and have a good weekend !