Monday, 20 April 2015

Artist           :  Freddie King

Album          :  The Best Of The Shelter Records Years 

Year             : 2000

Genre          : Electric Blues

Bitrate         : 128 kpbs    


1.Going Down
2.Five Long Years
3.Palace Of The King
4.Same Old Blues 
5.Walking By Myself
6.Living On the Highway 
7.I'd Rather Be Blind
8.Reconsider Baby
9.Big Leg Woman
10.Lowdown in Lodi 
11.Me and My Guitar
12.Woman Across the River
13.Help Me Through the Day
14.Boogie Man
15.I'm Ready Freddie King 
16.Please Send Me Someone To Love 
17.Ain't No Big Deal On You
18.Guitar Boogie 


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